Pipex Italia is able to supply and provide a wide of high quality steel tubes and products for the OIL & GAS industry

Pipex Italia has been providing solutions to the oil & gas industry for many years now. As a leading distributor and supplier of steel tubular solutions.

Our product portfolio is composed of many products for the oil & gas industry, like pipes commonly used for onshore and offshore Oil & Gas pipelines, petrochemical and fuel transportation lines.

We are able to supply pipes with several different king of external anti-corrosion coatings, internal linings and ends finishing.

Moreover, thanks to our expertise and incessant research activity, we are continuously developing our products in order to meet the demand of a market that is constantly evolving in terms of requirements and fluids to be handled, with a particular attention to the green transition of our society.

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Oil & Gas: product portfolio

Seamless Carbon Steel Line Pipe, Black and Galvanized

We supply a wide range of seamless carbon steel and alloy grade line pipes for high temperature as well as low temperature services. We supply tubes in black conditions and galvanized with plain ends or threaded and coupled.

Oil & Gas

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Welded Line Pipe

Pipex Italia supplies welded line pipe in a wide range. These pipes can be used for onshore and offshore with external anti-corrosion coatings and internal linings.

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Seamless Stainless Steel Line Pipe

We stock and supply stainless steel and we stock line pipes. These pipes are generally the most economical way to transport large quantities of oil and other refined products.

They are mainly used to transport fluids from one location to another and can be used for many industrial applications.

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  • Carbon steel fittings
  • Stainless steel fittings

Steel buttwelding fittings

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