Pipex Italia is able to supply and provide a wide range of high-quality steel tubes and products for the PROCESS and POWER industry

Heat transfer is of paramount importance for the process and power industry and for the energy sector. Almost every industrial activity depends on heat exchangers for the management and exploitation of low, medium and high temperatures heat as well as boilers are essential for heat valorisation in order to produce steam and thermal power.

Pipex Italia can provide tubes in a wide range of material and grades, for boiler and heat exchangers for a wide range of industries, like Refineries, Petrochemical plants, LNG plants, biomass power plants, geothermal power plants, waste to energy power plants, cogeneration and several other industries.

We are proud to be a trusted supplier of tubes for worldwide famous producers of Shell&Tubes heat exchangers, Air Coolers, feed-water heaters, condensers and boilers. Furthermore, we are able to provide plain and finned tubes, straight and U-bent, furtherly improving our commercial offer.

Process and Power: product portfolio

Boiler Tubes

Seamless Cold Drawn Heat Exchangers Tubes for

  • Power Generation Boilers
  • Utility Boilers
  • Industrial Boilers
  • Fired Heaters
  • Heat Recovery Steam Generators

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Carbon Heat Exchangers Steel Tubes

We supply carbon steel heat exchangers tubes:

  • Straigth and U-Bent Shell and Tubes Heat Exchangers
  • Tubes for Air Fin Coolers and Air Fin Condensers
  • HP & LP Feedwater Heaters

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Stainless Steel and Ni-Alloy Heat Exchangers Tubes

We supply a wide range of stainless steel heat and Ni-Alloy exchangers tubes, straight a U-bent from qualified suppliers.

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