The second edition of ‘A STEEM FOR STEEL’ begins

Let’s welcome again the educational initiative to get students to approach the working opportunities, the sustainable aspects in the steel world and STEEM studies.

a steem for steel

As the very first alliance between school and work in the field, this project was conceived by Marcegaglia Onlus Foundation and has been sponsored by 4 big companies of the steel sector: Acciaierie Venete, Gruppo Marcegaglia, Pipex Italia and Sideralba.

‘A Steem For Steel, the successful project that last year involved over 1,200 high school students in 5 main Italian cities, does not stop but continues its educational path in a completely digital way, with a new format and new ways of interaction and collaboration between students, teachers and companies.

This second edition, which will take place from the end of April to May 2021, involves various institutes from the following Italian cities: Mantua, Naples, Padua, Verona, Brescia, Bergamo, Novara, and Varese.

The project was born with the aim of communicating steel to the younger generations and transmit the most innovative and sustainable aspects of this industry sector – from the digital technologies used in all production processes to the infinite recycling of the material. ‘A Steem For Steel’ wants to particularly come close to girls so that they learn of the many job opportunities that the sector offers. A more inclusive steel industry through the empowerment of women is needed to face new challenges and create job opportunities.

The new edition contemplates the realization of 4 different Masterclasses (one for each partner company) with the total involvement of at least 1,000 students. The Masterclasses will cover the most important aspects of this industry sector, showing the ‘true face’ of steel in its meanings of innovation and sustainability, discovering the production processes of a steel company from an Industry 4.0 perspective likewise highlighting the importance of STEEM degrees to bridge the skill gap and offer young students careers in the technical-scientific world. .

Moderators will ask students to test their knowledge on the steel industry through an interactive survey with questions that will also aim at understanding their future studies expectations.

This year’s edition novelty will see the presence will be the presence in the ‘classroom’ of a junior resource: someone who recently joined the company that will talk about their STEEM path and their professional experience.

Pipex Italia Masterclass will take place on Tuesday 4th May: Raffaella Poggio, creator of this initiative and our Marketing and Communication Manager, will be supported by our Green Manager Luca Orefici who will give a talk about our good sustainability practices. Lastly, our CEO Luigi Cuzzolin will finish the session by explaining the job opportunities offered by the sector and will offer advices on how to prepare to succeed at these opportunities.

In spite of the situation in schools has not returned to normal yet, it was deemed necessary to capitalize on what the children learned about the steel world last year with a great sense of responsibility, inventiveness and curiosity, through interactive teaching. ‘A Steem For Steel’ represents an example of what the Italian school system needs at the moment: a teaching method that integrates and incorporates traditional school content with innovative projects capable of instilling a culture of change in young generations. The project aims at helping them to develop fundamental technical-scientific skills that they can use to establish themselves in new professional contexts of a future that has already arrived.

About “A Steem For Steel”

A Steem for Steel is the education initiative, created by Raffaella Poggio for Fondazione Marcegaglia Onlus, to which important players in the steel industry have adhered: Acciaierie Venete, ABS – Danieli Automation, Marcegaglia Group, Sideralba, and as a new entry this year Pipex Italia. With the patronage of Federacciai.

The goal is to spread the culture of STEEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, Economics, Maths) as a positive growth factor for students. Moreover, we aim at facilitating the development of the skills required by the world of steel, the access of girls and young people to the numerous training and work opportunities offered by this important sector, which has always been the engine of our country’s development and a protagonist of the latest digital revolution.

Based on a digital platform and peer-to-peer tools, A Steem for Steel promotes educational visits in schools in different cities in Italy.

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Article published on 30/04/2021