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In the middle of the pandemic period and with an unprecedented crisis in the steel sector, our parent company Železiarne Podbrezová has bravely faced significant technological investments in its production lines.

These include the modernization of the tube cutting after the cooling bed in the tube rolling mill (seamless hot rolled steel tube cutting).
Completed in December 2020, this new cutting method replaces 4 abrasive cutting machines with carbide saws and the consequent elimination of the act of “cleaning” the ends of the tubes.

This was a demanding process that has changed the orientation of the tube alignment and moved the transfer gearboxes of the input conveyor, replaced the current inclined sections with chain conveyors, changed the control position of the chain conveyors and input translators and changed the orientation of the tube alignment on the conveyors from visual inspections.

The resulting advantages are considerable:

  • Streamlining and efficiency of the production process
  • Reduction of steel waste, up to 500 tons per year
  • Lower risk of failure.

With this investment, Zeleziarne Podbrezova takes a further step in the constant improvement process towards the best quality of its hot rolled tubes and related services.

Seamless hot rolled steel tubes:

  • Outer diameter (OD) 10,2 – 139,7 mm
  • Wall thickness (WT) 0,5-16 mm
  • Length (L) 5-22 m


  • Seamless steel tubes for mechanical and general use
  • Steel tubes for building (hollow structural sections)
  • Seamless steel tubes for pressure equipment
  • Seamless steel tubes for transportation of flammable substances
  • Pipes suitable for welding and threading

Article written by:

Adamcak Marcel Ing.
Adamcak Marcel Ing.

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