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Zeleziarne Podbrezova: with the new container loading platform we reduce times to an hour and a half

We all know how important it is to receive the ordered goods within the agreed delivery time. In addition, in our business sector, this becomes even more important above all when the eventual delay might lead to a production standstill with all the problems and costs involved.

Therefore, a punctual delivery is not just the final step of the execution of an order but it is what allows that all subsequent operations might have a smooth start.

Aware of this, our mother company Zeleziarne Podbrezova, that has become over the years well known and appreciated for being very reliable and punctual in deliveries, has always assigned a very important role to logistics making it a must.

The installation of the new loading platform from the company Noguerasa – Asnalog is the most recent example of this.

The benefits of this new way of loading are manifold and can be summarized as follows:

  • Overall reduction of time and streamlining of the loading process: the loading time does not exceed 1.5 hour against the usual half a day, which allows us to load 4 containers in one shift
  • Loading with help of a platform eliminates the risk of damage to the tubes and at the same time significantly contributes to the safety at the workplace due to the reduction of handling of goods
  • Unloading at the customer is carried out in the same way as before: the customer will not incur additional costs associated with the unloading of material
  • All woods packaging material is debarked and meets the requirements of the ISPM 15 standard.

With this new investment ZP makes a further step ahead in the constant process of improvement of the quality of its products and services, a quality guaranteed over the years by the possibility of controlling the whole production process from scrap collection down delivery of the finished product, by optimal production planning , by the expertise of the technical and commercial staff, and last, but not least, by the perfect logistic organization.

Roberta Colombo
Roberta Colombo

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