Made in Steel 2021: Luigi Cuzzolin interviewed by siderweb TV

During the ninth edition of Made in Steel, the European Exhibition dedicated to the world of steel, our CEO, Mr. Luigi Cuzzolin, was interviewed by Siderweb TV. Many are the topics that were discussed, from the closing in profit of financial year 2020, the year marked by the Covid-19 pandemic, to comments and forecasts regarding the current situation and trends in the steel sector.

And finally, there was also talk about the new project named e-Pipex, that is, the e-commerce platform for stainless steel products and the newborn company Pipex Energy whose main activity is the research and supply of innovative materials for the reduction of CO2 in electric arc furnace steel production processes.

Here below some of the most significant passages available in the Siderweb TV video interview.

“In a general context where the impact of Covid-19 pandemic can be clearly noticed on the balance sheet of companies, Pipex closed financial year 2020 in profit. How did you achieve this?”

The answer is very simple: the goal was achieved thanks to our wonderful customers who have never left us alone and have always followed us.

“What about the trend of the first part of 2021 in terms of orders and volumes?”

2021 got off to a particularly difficult start because of the sudden rise of raw materials costs especially when compared to the order book at that time made up in part of orders booked at previously fixed prices and an external market marked by a sudden increase of raw materials costs.

What are your expectations for the second part of the year?

We are currently living a very important moment in our sector,  not only regarding the prices which are finally returning to the sector all the sacrifices made previously but also because there is a growing awareness that our world exists and has a lot to tell.  All this as a natural consequence of the future liquidity injection that the system-sector will have in Italy thanks to the Italian National Recovery Plan (PNRR).

“You have recently launched a very nice new project: e-Pipex, an online aggregator of stainless steel products intended as finished products but also as processed products like taps and accessories.  What is the market response

The first signs are extremely positive. The current market has still to get used to this because if in the private sector we are already used to buying everything online in our sector there is still some reluctance.  The first signs from the market are anyhow proving us right.

Together with e-Pipex you have also started Pipex Energy, a company focused on providing the steel sector with innovative materials for the reduction of CO2 levels in  stainless steel production processes in electric arc furnaces. How are operations proceeding?

As Pipex and as ZP Group we are paying great attention to the problem of emissions and climate change.  Therefore, we have decided to focus on these issues by searching for highly trained and prepared people. We are currently developing products that will help a lot of steel mills reduce CO2 emissions. And finally, we have also already submitted some patent applications for some products and will start field trials between December and January 2022.

For the video interview, see below. You can see the video interview subtitled in English on our YouTube channel.

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Marketing & Communication department

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