The stairlift case study: steel as a meaning of independent life

Železiarne Podbrezová contributes to maintaining the independence of senior citizens supplying tubes for stairlifts.

We are all growing a little older. We are coming to older age more often in good health. Unlike previous generations, the so-called “senior citizens” have more time for hobbies, volunteering and other activities. The desire to have full control over their own lives and to longer stay at home sometimes challenges with some physical diseases that inhibit a total independent life.

Seniors want to grow old at home

However, their houses may not always be suitable. For example, a staircase can cause dangerous situations or, even worse, prevent having a social life outdoor.

The solution and our contribution


S.C. HAWLE H S.R.L., a Romanian company, is a manufacturer of practical stairlifts for indoor and outdoor use and distributes its products through the German company HAWLE Treppenlifte GmbH. It manufactures stair systems with double tubes and is therefore able to always offer the best solution for all types of stairs, including wide, narrow, circular or straight ones.

“At Železiarne Podbrezová we are proud to be part of HAWLE’s efforts to help their clients achieve a higher quality of life and to give everyone special attention and meet their specific requirements”.

Both companies work with a single goal in mind – to be tailored to provide the optimum solution for client’s requirements.

Seamless tubes for stairlifts

ZP have been supplying seamless precision tubes to the Romanian brand of the HAWLE for more than 10 years. Carbon steel – E215E235E275E355 seamless tubes are also known as mild steel tubes. These low carbon steel tubes (with max 0,17 % carbon content with combination of max 1,20 % manganese) are easy to form and shape.

With regard to National and International standardization, ZP offers these tubes in various diameters and wall thicknesses according to specific requirements, as cited at this link.

Pipex Italia, as commercial organization of ZP, is able to export these tubes all over the world and take care from the initial request to the final delivery to the assembly plant.

Adamčák Marcel Ing.
Adamčák Marcel Ing.
Milan Kosegi Ing.
Milan Kosegi Ing.

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