Boiler tubes for a sustainable world

Our boiler tubes are ready to meet the needs and requirements of a market that is constantly evolving towards decarbonisation and sustainability.

Recent developments in our society are leading to more efficient, circular and sustainable processes.
In this context, it will be of paramount importance to produce power, heat or steam by taking advantage of the already dispersed energy, wastes and low-carbon or renewable sources.
Our seamless boiler tubes fit in this new environment thanks to our proven quality and reliability, which clients around the world continually recognize us.

Despite the challenges and difficulties faced in 2020, Zeleziarne Podbrezova (ZP), our parent company, remains leader in the production of hot-rolled seamless boiler tubes in Europe, with over 59.000 tons sold.

Steel tubes for production of boilers

Modern power devices that operate with high efficiency require the use
of suitable steel tubes, to guarantee their long-term, safe and trouble-free
operation. Steel tubes are important structural materials used in these

boiler tubes

As the main salesforce of ZP, Pipex Italia is proud to be able to supply products to the largest boiler tubes stockists and referenced end-users, in compliance with clients’ expectations, and contractually agreed times.

Today, we are able to supply carbon and low-alloy steel tubes covering a wide dimensional range: hot rolled tubes from 26.9 mm to 139.7 mm diameter (thickness from 2.6 mm to 16 mm) and cold drawn products from 4 mm to 120 mm diameter (thickness from 0.5 mm to 10 mm).

We produce the most demanded steel varieties requested by the market in our electric arc furnace in Slovakia. These varieties are ready to be transformed into seamless tubes in our state-of-the-art tube mills:
In accordance with EN 10216-2: P235GH – P265GH – 16Mo3 – 13CrMo4-5 – 10CrMo9-10
In compliance with ASTM / ASME: A / SA 210 Gr.A1-C – A / SA 209 T1-T1a – A / SA 213 T11 – A / SA 213 T22
In addition, we can also supply boiler tubes according to DINJIS and GOST standards.

As a result, we are proud of contributing to the well-being of all by providing reliable and quality products employable in many areas: industrial boilers, chemical plants, naval applications, power generation, heat recovery, cogeneration plants, waste-to-energy and biomass conversion.

Here are 4 recent examples where our pipes have been used:

  1. The renovation of the economizers in the waste-to-energy plant in Brescia (Italy). Here, we supplied over 300 tons of 100% UT-controlled tubes for a cogeneration plant. That plant capable of supplying electricity in order to cover the needs of 200,000 families and to heat 60,000 homes in one of the most important cities of Northern Italy.
  2. The supply of tubes to one of the largest paper producers in Italy. That involved the supply of more than 40 tons of tubes for one plant producing through the transformation of 800 tons of recycled paper daily.
  3. The construction of a new bioenergy heating plant for the district heat in the city of Helsinki (Finland). About 135 tons of tubes were supplied for the realization of this important project that achieves a thermal output exceeding 250 MW.
  4. The construction of a new Scandinavian cogeneration plant, mainly powered by biomass. The recovered thermal energy will be able to meet and satisfy the needs of the local district heat network from September to June. Over 130 tons of 100% UT-controlled tubes were supplied for this project.

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Pipex Italia – Marketing and Communication Department

<strong>Adamčák Marcel Ing.</strong>
Adamčák Marcel Ing.
@Zeleziarne Podbrezova

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